Lindauer’s Dairy/Francis Lindauer & Sons

From humble beginnings, Lindauer Dairy keeps a legacy alive with a deep passion for agriculture.  Beginning in 1933 with two cows and 90 acres, over time their farm has changed and grown. Handed down through the generations, it now consists of 400 cows and 800 acres. 

The family’s farm has two generations working side by side, brothers Mike and Phil and their sons Jake, Doug, and Craig – all pitching in on the day-to-day operations of the farm. The transitions over the years have made them stronger as a family and more viable as a business. “We live in the day and age where we need to work smarter not harder. We’ve all found our niche as our farm has grown,” reflects Jake.

Jake and Doug graduated from high school in 2002. The cousins, who share a birthday and a vision for the future of their family’s farm, knew they needed to do something different. Prior to the next generation joining, the farm consisted of a double 4 herringbone parlor and milking 50 cows. They visited many farms before they settled on the design of the new barn and parlor the cows and family enjoy today.

Breaking ground in May 2015 and completed in February 2016, the Linduaer’s now milk in a double 12 parallel parlor and the 400 cows are housed in a new free stall barn. Highlights include Juno robotic feed pushers in the feed alleys and auto-scrapers in barn alleys.

“We had a vision for the future and we went for it,” Jake says when he describes the family’s decision to expand their farm. The Linduaer’s built the new facility with the future in mind. They have room to expand to 800 cows and have the ability to scale the parlor up to a double 20.


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