Pennsylvania Farm ICE Raid, Is Enforcement Strategy Changing?

Have a Plan...
IDP has been and will continue to be involved in the immigration/labor discussion at our State and National level.  Although there have not been any ICE raids in Indiana that we are aware of, we want you to be prepared and have a plan in place if anything were to happen.  We encourage you to speak with your legal counsel to make sure you understand your rights and have a correct plan of action.  If you do not currently have your own counsel, as an IDP member Janzen Ag Law provides an initial consultation as part of your membership.  We will continue our efforts to bring change to this issue!
"There needs to be more oversight with ICE so they can't just do as they see fit on a whim," says Minnesota dairy farmer Angela Tauer. "It's not protecting anyone, anywhere and just makes the organization itself look like a knee jerk reaction."

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