The 2017 Indiana Dairy Forum at a Glance

For those of you not able to make it to the Forum, I'm going to try to give you a glimpse of what we were all up to.  It was great to hear stories from those arriving who had never been to 
French Lick before.  Some of the GPS equipment takes you on a VERY windy gravel road - some claiming they weren't on roads, they went through some pastures -     I believe there was some exaggeration going on.  Most of those stories ended with: "But all of a sudden, Wow, it is beautiful - amazing what is here!"
The pre-conference meetings were over-booked but they worked out beautifully, they also kept the hotel staff quite interested as we had an udder to dissect and in another room we had a full blown, operational parlor complete with 10 hp. vacuum pump which was sitting outside - absolutely a tremendous kickoff for the event.  Those events created quite a buzz as registration began.  We were pleased as we had nearly 280 registered for the event with only a small handful of no-shows.  The speakers and moderators were all fabulous with full rooms for each presentation or panel discussion.  There is nothing that creates a feeling of satisfaction after planning an event as a room full of people!  The Trade Show was so good that the hotel brought in equipment to get some still shots and a video for promotion!  Believe it or not, we had 43 booths with a great variety of dairy products available for consumption..... and the conversations were so fun to watch.  The "hospitality hour" turned into several hours of great conversations and when everyone decided to turn in for the night they returned to their room to find milk and cookies for "sweet dreams" as a surprise from our friends and partners at American Dairy Association Indiana - a special way to end the day.
Something really extraordinary about our 2017 Indiana Dairy Forum was the number of young producers that participated in the event.  Our emcee told me that as he looked out over our crowd he was simply amazed at "all the young folks in the audience!"  He wasn't the only one who noticed as several others spoke to me specifically about our group of young producers and how excited we must be!  We are truly blessed here in Indiana with a tremendous group of young folks getting involved back on the farm and within our organization.  That bodes well for the Indiana dairy industry!
We know that there will be some things we can change to make it better; after all, this was our maiden voyage.....but, I am very pleased that I can say you missed out on a terrific event and I can confidently say that everyone went home a little more energized with an idea or two that will make them better dairy producers and most likely with some new friends! View more photos, here

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