Early Career Dairy Producer Visits

The Early Career Dairy Producer meetings are informal get-togethers that allow dairy producers and industry professionals to meet for lunch and a farm tour.  They provide an opportunity to meet fellow producers, discuss what is going on back at the farm and then meet at a farm for a tour.   

The southern Early Career Dairy Producers group met for lunch on November 15th  in Fort Branch, which was sponsored by Todd Riggs and ABS, before visiting Obert Farms, Inc.  The visit provided a great opportunity to see automatic calf feeders and discuss different calf feeding programs and management strategies.  At the dairy, the discussions focused on cow comfort in sand-bedded free stall barns, reclaimed sand, and strategies the farm was using to manage their manure.  

The northern group of the Early Career Dairy Producers met on Friday, Nov. 22 in Huntington for a lunch that was sponsored by Matt Davis and Evan Woolace of Farm Credit.  After lunch the group toured Sunshine Dairy, which is operated by Johannes DeGrootJr.  The group had an opportunity to see some of the changes that have been recently made to the dairy operation, including a new free stall barn and an udder-prepping brush system that had very recently been installed in the milking parlor.  Some of the major topics of discussion included forages and the decreased digestibility of the corn silage that has been common issue for dairy producers feeding this year's crop of corn silage,BMR forages, and the challenges that many farms are having securing a labor force for their dairy farms this year.

We encourage all young producers to take advantage of this program - if you did not receive an invitation and would like to be added to the list, please call Doug Leman at 317-695-8228. Special thanks to ABS, Farm Credit Mid-America, Obert Farms, and Sunshine Dairy for making these two visits possible!

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